Range Rules for Circus City Sportsmen

1.       All membership card must be available for inspection. One guest is allowed per membership

2.       Everyone is responsible for the safety of others at the range. Horseplay or improper use of ANY firearm will NOT be permitted.  Violators will be asked to leave and/or have their membership cancelled immediately. This includes shooting from the hip, etc.

3.       Down range must be clear before firing.

4.     All firearms must be empty with actions open and be visibly empty of ammunition until range has  cleared.

5.     When trap shooting in progress do not go past 100 yards for your own safety.

6.     All targets must be placed on the provided backstops. No glass, metal or non paper targets/objects are allowed

7.     NO shooting at any of the orange posts

8.     No firing of the 50 BMG caliber at this range is allowed .

9.     Dispose of trash in proper containers.

10.   All animals must be under control at all times.

11.    Parking areas are provided at each range. The driveway must be kept clear at all times for emergency use.

12.    No organized events are allowed without prior board approval. This includes classes, instruction, leagues, etc.

13.    NO SHOTGUNS AT 21 OR 50

The club reserves the right to refuse anyone the privilege to shoot and is not responsible for damage to or the loss of any private property.


Circus City Sportsmen, Inc.